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HEAL Mini Grants

Do you have an idea to improve the quality of life for Winchendon Residents?

Do you just need some funds to get your idea off from the Ground?

About the HEAL Collaborative Mini-Grant Funding Opportunity

The HEAL Collaborative is seeking proposals for projects that improve the lives of the people of Winchendon, cost no more than $1,000, Align with 1 of the 5 Community Heart & Soul Statements, and can be completed with all funds spent out by December 31, 2024. Project proposals must be agreed upon and submitted by residents of the town of Winchendon who have a desire to see our community improved.

How to submit a proposal:

  1. [Required] The process needs to align with 1 of the 5 Community Heart & Soul Statements. For a list of possible ideas check out the Ideas from residents during the Community Heart & Soul Process as well as the Winchendon Master Plan Phase 1 documents. 

    1. For questions to discuss as you are developing an idea in your team, check out the HEAL Collaborative Project Planning Tool.

    2. For more information on how to utilize the essential elements of collaborative decision-making to create a proposal within your team, check out the Guide to choosing projects from Discretionary Budget Project Proposals.

    3. For questions to consider when developing a budget, check out the Project Budget Planning Tool.

  2. Once an idea is developed, a delegate from your team should send a completed application to Shaina Cunningham, Assistant CAC Director, at as soon as possible, but no later than June 30, 2024.

  3. The HEAL Team will review proposals and let you know if the project has been approved for funding as soon as possible. 

The project may

  1. Be an existing project that is already ongoing and would like to resource with more funding

  2. Be a brand new project based on needs your team has identified

The project must

  1. Be in line with 1 of the Winchendon Community Heart & Soul Statements

    • Local Matters

    • People Matter

    • YOUth Matter

    • Town Pride Matters

    • Nature Matters. 

  2. Be in line with the mission of the Winchendon Community Heart & Soul: "Winchendon Community Heart and Soul is dedicated to shaping a vibrant future for our town by actively involving everyone in the community. We focus on what matters most to our residents, embracing their unique character and emotional connection to Winchendon. Committed to playing the long game, we regularly engage in a thoughtful, process that honors our past while innovatively planning for a sustainable, inclusive future where every voice is heard and valued."

  3. Be realistically able to be completed with all funds spent by December 31, 2024

  4. Produce one or more solid outcomes, such as (but not limited to):

    • An event

    • A training

    • A plan for moving forward

    • A piece of infrastructure (for example, a community garden)

  5. Include funding for things like:

    • Supplies

      1. This can include one-time technology purchases

    • Food for meetings or distribution

    • Event fees with an explicit purpose related to the goals of the project

  6. Include one or more of the following funding recipients:

    • A 501c3 nonprofit organization

    • A municipality

    • A subcontractor who will carry out a specific piece of the work

    • A retail partner who can set up an account for individuals involved in the project to charge items to (see the next section re: allowable items)

  7. Maintain ALL receipts/documentation for ALL expenditures, no exceptions

The project must not

  1. Include any expenditures after December 31, 2024

  2. Be too ambitious or unrealistic to complete by December 31, 2024

  3. Be used to fund existing salaries.

  4. Include funding for things like:

    • Direct payments to people who are not doing any work related to the project (including politicians)

    • Capital expenditures (i.e., buildings, vehicles, etc.)

    • Supplies that are explicitly unnecessary for carrying out the project (for example, a bounce house is not necessary to have an event related to community food security, but paper plates, plastic forks, and food may be necessary to support participation)

    • Travel, dining, or event fees purely for pleasure

  5. Allow people who are handling money to be reimbursed for or supported to purchase any of the following items:

    • Alcohol

    • Tobacco products

    • Lottery tickets

Some Possible Ideas

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