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All Hands In

 HEAL Measure
  Social Inclusion  

Strengthening community bonds

and ensuring everyone has a voice.

HEAL Social Inclusion Collaborative Activities

Community asset-building activities:

  • Youth and residents are civically engaged

  • Community participatory inquiry

  • Resident and youth-led community-building projects

  • Community asset-building Spaces (Teen cafe, makerspace, food processing space)

Power shift:

  • DEI guiding principles added to town governance plans

  • Boards, governance, and working structure redesigned to be more equitable

  • Town youth councils formed

  • Increased youth and resident leadership

  • Youth-led civic action projects

  • Race equity and deib learning community is formed

  • New deib policies developed

  • Deib assessments conducted

  • Leadership positions promoted equitably

  • Youth and resident leaders trained in civics

Sustainability of impact:

  • Processes in place to support evolving needs

  • Accessible data dissemination

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