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Measures for HEAL

Welcome to The HEAL Collaborative.

Transforming Communities for a Healthier Tomorrow

Transforming Communities

for a healthier tomorrow

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The HEAL Collaborative is more than just a project; it's a dynamic community movement dedicated to creating enduring, systemic change that enhances the health and quality of life for the residents of Winchendon and Gardner.

Our approach is comprehensive, involving community members, local organizations, and strategic external partners in a united effort to fortify our communities' assets. By fostering social inclusion, redistributing power, and ensuring a lasting collective impact, we are committed to holistically reshaping our communities.

Our Journey:

From Winchendon to Gardner

The HEAL Collaborative concentrates on three key pillars to drive change:

Our Focus Areas


Social Inclusion:

Strengthening community bonds and ensuring everyone has a voice.


Healthy Food Access:

Guaranteeing equitable access to nutritious food options.


Economic Empowerment:

Fostering economic growth and opportunities for all residents.

* For those of you entering Data here is the link to the form.


HEAL Collaborative social inclusion activities:

  • Community asset-building

  • Connected & Sustainable Local Food System

  • Power shift

  • Sustainability of Impact

  • Shared understanding of the systemic causes of poverty​

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