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At HEAL Collaborative, our shared values are the cornerstone of our mission and the guiding principles in our journey toward community empowerment and transformation. These values shape our approach, define our actions, and reflect our commitment to creating a more equitable, inclusive, and vibrant community

Community and Youth Voice

We prioritize the voices of our community and youth, recognizing their crucial role in shaping and leading solutions. Our commitment is to program designs that not only allow full participation but also ensure residents and youth benefit and lead. 

Action-Oriented Approach

Keeping 'action' at the forefront, we move our work forward with purpose and passion, keeping our members motivated and engaged in meaningful endeavors. 

Empowerment Over Power

We believe in 'power with, not power over', fostering a collaborative environment where power and resources are distributed equitably, ensuring all voices are heard and valued, especially among community members and smaller CBOs.

Family and Intergenerational Strategies

We incorporate family and intergenerational strategies, understanding the profound impact of these connections on community health and well-being. 

Collective Learning and Skills Sharing

Every member of our collaborative brings unique skills and perspectives. We commit to learning from one another, understanding that our diverse experiences enrich our collective wisdom. 

Understanding Poverty

We recognize that poverty is not a reflection of personal behavior but the result of complex historical, structural, political, and social systems. 

Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

These are integral to our work, not separate add-ons. We strive to weave equity, inclusion, and belonging into the fabric of all our activities. 

Transparency and Honesty

Our communication is transparent and honest, creating a foundation of trust and openness between members. 

Valuing Diversity

We celebrate diversity in race, culture, socioeconomics, gender, place, and other identities, considering them as key assets that enrich our collaborative effort. 

Commitment and Preparedness

We show up, stay prepared, and are fully engaged in our collaborative efforts, respecting each other’s time and contributions. 

Balanced Participation

Through the 'step up-step back' approach, we ensure balanced participation, where no one voice dominates, fostering a respectful and inclusive dialogue. 

Adherence to Goals

We remain committed to our work plan, engage in process evaluation, and stay open to necessary adjustments, ensuring we are always aligned with our goals. 

Embracing Joy

We believe in the power of joy and fun, understanding that these elements are essential for a sustainable and fulfilling collaborative journey. 

Through these shared values, HEAL Collaborative aims to create a transformative impact, fostering a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, contribute, and lead a fulfilling life

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