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Taste of Winchendon 2024

Date & Time: Saturday, May 25th, from 12:00pm - 4:00pm 

Location: On Beals Memorial Library Lawn, 50 Pleasant Street

Purpose: Taste of Winchendon is an annual town-wide event celebrating Winchendon's rich cultures and diversity and supporting the amazing local businesses in our town. There will be entertainment, food, small vendors, and a variety of games and activities to make this event a fun-filled day for everyone and an inclusive experience for residents of all ages and backgrounds!

Organizers: Taste of Winchendon is a HEAL Collaborative event, all put together by the Youth Changemakers, Resident Leaders and Local Makers Hub.  All of it is not possible without the support and help of HEAL Collabortive's partners, local businesses, and local organizations.

Taste of Winchendon 2023 Highlights

Taste of Winchendon showcases local food, artisans and producers to help boost our buy-local culture and local economy. Vendor slots are free of charge.  Because of limited space and the Winchendon focus, vendors must be located in Winchendon and grow or make their products (no MLM's please).  

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