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Harvesting Vegetables

 HEAL Measure
  Healthy Food Access  

Guaranteeing equitable access to nutritious food options.

HEAL Equitable Healthy Food Access Activities

Connected & Sustainable Local Food System Activities:

  • Youth-led food projects

  • Sense of belonging in food system

  • Products integrated into equitable local food system distribution

  • Residents in priority populations in food leadership and planning

  • community gardens incorporated into school curriculum

  • Community gardens established

  • Establish Institutional purchasing pilot (farm-to-school and -healthcare purchasing)

  • Cooking classes and local food programs for youth


Economic Empowerment Through Food System Activities:

  • Income generation

  • Local foodmakers engaged and trained

  • Retailers selling local products accept snap/hip dollars


Access to healthy food Activities:

  • Establish Alternative Food Access Points (CSA, Fresh Chef Meal Kits, Mobile Market)

  • Snap/hip gap reduced

  • Increased local procurement for marginalized residents

  • Increased enrollment in snap/hip

  • Build community leadership to reduce the snap gap

  • Establish winchendon alternative grocery store

  • Open gardner food processing center

  • Open winchendon maker space with commercial kitchen

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