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Gardner Community Pulse

Join the Gardner Community Pulse: Shaping Our Future Together

Welcome to the Gardner Community Pulse - a vibrant, resident-driven initiative that is redefining the way we envision and shape the future of our beloved town, Gardner.

🌟 Discover the Heart and Soul of Gardner

Gardner isn't just a place on the map; it's a community with a beating heart and a spirited soul, crafted by the very people who call it home. This is your chance to voice what you cherish most about Gardner, your dreams for its future, and the pathways to make these dreams a reality.

✨ Your Voice, Your Community

What makes Gardner special to you? Is it the friendly faces, the green spaces, or perhaps its vibrant cultural scene? Whatever it is, your perspective is invaluable. We're embarking on a mission to interview hundreds of residents, gathering insights and aspirations from every corner of our town. Whether you're a young student, a seasoned senior, a homeowner, a teacher, a farmer, or anyone in between - your story matters.

🌱 Our Journey: From Winchendon to Gardner

The HEAL Collaborative, born in Winchendon, is the foundation of our initiative. It began as a shared dream for equitable food access and social inclusivity in 2017 and flourished with the support of the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission's MassUP investment. Fast forward to 2023, our journey has expanded into Gardner, transforming into a comprehensive, community-driven movement.

⏳ Our Timeline: Your Opportunity to Make an Impact

  • 2024: Connect - Engage with residents across Gardner to weave a tapestry of diverse experiences and viewpoints.

  • 2024/2025: Listen - What are your hopes and concerns for our community? Let's hear them.

  • 2026: Prioritize - From the multitude of ideas, we'll distill the most impactful actions, crafting a resident-driven action plan for Gardner.

  • 2026 & Beyond: Act - Transform these ideas into concrete plans, apply for grants, and implement projects that resonate with our residents' aspirations.

  • Transform - This is more than a project; it's a movement towards greater empowerment, trust, engagement, and accountability. From consumers to citizens, we're in this together.

🌟 We Want to Hear from You!

Your thoughts, your stories, and your vision are the fuel that will drive the Gardner Community Pulse. Share your joys, your concerns, and your ideas. Together, we'll pen the narrative of Gardner's future, a future that resonates with each one of us.

Join us, share, and be a part of the transformation. Your Gardner, Your Voice, Our Future.​

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and share your thoughts.


Thank you for your time and participation! 🙌

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