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HEAL Volunteer/Engagement Form

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HEAL Resident Leader

Job Title: Resident Leader

Location: Winchendon/Gardner.  Note:  Applicants must be a residents of Gardner or Winchendon.

Organization: The HEAL Collaborative (Hope Empower Access Love)

About HEAL: At HEAL, we're pioneering a community-driven movement focused on sustainable "upstream" changes to significantly enhance the health and quality of life for the residents of Winchendon and/or Gardner. Through collaboration and leveraging our collective strengths, we aim to address the daily challenges and needs of our community, prioritizing support for the most vulnerable residents, including low-income families, single-parent households, people of color, and youth. HEAL collaborates with a diverse group of organizations, including CHNA9, Growing Places, Heywood Hospital, municipal entities like the Town of Winchendon, educational institutions such as The Winchendon School and Mount Wachusett Community College, community support organizations like the Winchendon Senior Center, CACs of Winchendon and Gardner, Gardner Public Schools, and the Gardner Council on Aging, among others. 


Position Overview:

In this role, your efforts will be crucial in forwarding our collective aim to uplift these populations, cultivating a healthier, more equitable community. As a vital component of the HEAL Collaborative, the Resident Leader plays a pivotal role in engaging local residents, especially those from underserved communities. This position is instrumental in advancing initiatives that promote Economic Empowerment, Social Inclusion, and Healthy Food Access.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Actively engage and mobilize Winchendon/Gardner residents in initiatives that enhance their Economic Empowerment, Social Inclusion, and Healthy Food Access.

  • Advocate for residents, through communication between the community and HEAL partners ensuring resident insights and needs are effectively conveyed.

  • Drive initiatives in economic empowerment, social equity, and healthy food access, including:

    • Identifying and leveraging strengths and aspirations toward building a more equitable environment.

    • Promoting innovative strategies to enhance systems through supporting enrollment, educational outreach, and participation in events

    • Developing and executing programs that encourage resident participation in community discussions 


  • Participate in personal development training designed to provide tools to empower residents to initiate change.

  • Coordinate community-led civic action projects and health-oriented campaigns to nurture a culture of health and wellness.

  • Collaborate with youth on projects that improve the community.


Desired Qualifications & Attributes:


  • Communication: Must be an effective communicator, responsive to various forms of communication including email and phone. Must be capable of professional interactions with fellow Resident Leaders, Youth Changemakers, residents, and partners.

  • Leadership and Engagement: Candidates should have proven leadership qualities and the ability to effectively connect and engage with diverse groups of people. A strong commitment to acting as a community convener and bridge-builder is essential.

  • Advocacy: Must have the desire to advocate for the needs of residents with a proactive approach to seeking support and resources from partners.

  • Knowledge and Willingness to Learn: A solid understanding of, or the willingness to learn about, the underlying factors contributing to health disparities within the community is required.

  • Team Collaboration: Team player who values collaboration and can work effectively with others towards common goals.

  • Organizational Skills: Ability in managing tasks effectively, with organizational and administrative skills. 

  • Passion for Community Service: A genuine desire to make a meaningful impact within the community.

  • Language Skills: Bi-lingual skills are a plus.  


Stipend: $250/month

As a Resident Leader, you'll be at the heart of creating a healthier, more empowered Winchendon and Gardner community. Together, we can drive meaningful change and ensure the well-being of every resident.

Application Process: If you're interested in making a significant impact and difference within your community, please complete the application here!

Please fill out this form if you have additional questions and someone will get back to you!

5 Summer Drive Winchendon, MA 01475

Phone - (978) 297-1667

Thanks for submitting!

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